TCA VRF specializes in the design, installation and service of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning and heating systems. TCAVRF is the exclusive representative of Lennox VRF® in New England (MA, ME, NH and RI). TCA VRF sales engineers are dedicately solely to Lennox VRF®.

Lennox VRF® is a flexible, versatile solution that is ideal for a wide range of buildings and workplaces. From office buildings to retail environments of all sizes, Lennox VRF makes customized comfort easy and efficient. To see the entire selection of outdoor units, indoor units, mode selection boxes for heat recovery, controls and accessories, visit Lennox VRF.

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  • Lennox is the first VRF manufacturer to offer an integrated control panel inside the unit. Commissioning and troubleshooting can be done without having to connect a laptop to the system.
  • Lennox is the first VRF manufacturer to offer hinged access panels making installation and service easier.
  • TCA VRF and Lennox have a full team of sales and service people to support every project, including a Boston area-based technician who has been with Lennox for over thirty years.