HVAC Applied Products

Innovative Manufacturing

Whether you need assistance with a plan-and-spec project or have more specific requirements, Trumbull Campbell Associates’ industry-leading manufacturing partners have you covered.
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Airhandling units; packaged rooftops; evaporative condensing chillers and rooftops; packaged pump systems; water-source heat pumps in stock


UV cleaning systems; UV germicidal light fixtures for HVAC; lamps and equipment coating

AtmosAir logo

Indoor air purification; bipolar ionization system

Custom air handling units and heat transfer package solutions

Displacement ventilation chilled beams; custom sheet metal accessories; for terminal devices

Classroom and school sound sensitive unit ventilators

Custom air handling solutions including built-on-site replacement units


Total environmental desiccant dehumidification solutions


Commercial air handling units

LOGO GEO 2131-400 (002)

Water and air-cooled chillers; free cooling Turbocor, screw and scroll compressors; condensing units


Variable refrigerant flow; commercial and light-commercial rooftop and split systems

Airflow and pressure measurement controls; fan array controls

Integrated noise and vibration controls

Indoor pool dehumidification systems

Humidity and temperature controls for indoor grow rooms

Compact, efficient energy recovery units

Commercial packaged rooftops; air handling units and condensing units


DOAS, MUA, exhaust fans and kitchen ventilation