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One of New England’s leading independent manufacturers' rep firms offering superior sales and application support, start-up and service, and comprehensive controls solutions for your HVAC system and building automation needs.

Bipolar Ionization is Proven to Neutralize Coronavirus by More Than 99.9%

Dr. PhilipTierno, NYU Langone Medical Center (NYC) explains how bi-polar ionization works, why he personally uses AtmosAir, and why it is effective at sanitizing the indoor air that we breathe.

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AAON Launches the New RZ Series!

Check out this very cool 32 second video of an AAON RZ Series Crane Lift!

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Displacement Ventilation + BiPolar Ionization = Healthier Classroom IAQ

Are you lookng to effectively remove airborne contaminants in your classroom? Then you need Carson Solutions.

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How TCA Makes Building Owners Happy!

Are you a Building Owner? Architect? Engineer? Contractor? Consultant? Facilities Manager? HVAC Technician? Then you need to watch How to Be Happy, and let Trumbull Campbell Companies help YOU to be happy (your kids will love this animated video, too). (2 min.)

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Trumbull Campbell Associates is one of New England’s leading independent manufacturer rep firms. Founded in 2006, Trumbull Campbell offers superior application and sales support for packaged roof top units, air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, air handling equipment, air distribution systems and other HVAC product lines. Trumbull Campbell also provides specifiable, stable and reliable solutions that work to address the complexity of installing and running an HVAC system, while reducing the total cost of ownership.


TCA Controls™ controls designs, programs and installs HVAC control systems with customer Graphic User Interface (GUI), touch screen access, remote monitoring and control using Tridium Niagara and Distech controls. Whether you need compete Building Automation System (BAS) or integration of your HVAC equipment into an existing BAS, TCA Controls™ can meet your building automation needs. TCA Controls™ works on HVAC equipment sold by Trumbull Campbell Associates, and all other HVAC systems.


TCA Solutions provides factory-trained start-up, service and commissioning support for all of the HVAC manufacturers that Trumbull Campbell Associates represents. TCA Solutions also sells parts and provides warranty claim support.