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March 23, 2017
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March 23, 2017
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Our Clients – Architects

The artistic vision you have for each building you design is critical. All visual elements, from the roofline to the basement, must work in aesthetic harmony. This attention to detail is just as important for the mechanical equipment. Rooftop equipment must be (largely) invisible — and quiet. Ductwork must be routed so that it doesn’t negatively impact the tenant floor plan. Each HVAC component must be coordinated with other building disciplines to result in an attractive building.

Rising energy costs and an increasing awareness of environmental issues are changing the way that architects spec HVAC equipment. Initial cost no longer is as important as tenant comfort, lifetime operating expense, and sustainability. You need to know which products and technologies are best suited to meet your specific needs, including load efficiency, investment payback and environmental impact.

Tenants depend on healthy environments to keep their employees happy and productive. But efficient, modern, environmentally progressive HVAC systems can have a huge impact on energy consumption patterns that affect your building’s bottom line as well.

At Trumbull Campbell, we choose to work with manufacturers who pay just as much attention to how their products look as how they work. We have the expertise to improve the look and functionality of your building’s HVAC system, from dimensional or footprint considerations, to lifetime maintenance expense and sound tolerances. And we are relentless about meeting deadlines.

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