Semco - Improved Environments through Increased Ventilation and Controlled Humidity

Semco ASHRAE Standard 62 outlines minimum ventilation standards for HVAC systems to avoid unhealthy indoor environments caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Concerned about the risks of continuously re-circulated old air contributing to these VOCs, we added SEMCO to our product lineup in early 2012. SEMCO is a worldwide innovator of desiccant-based products and systems that enable buildings to recover energy, increase ventilation, and control humidity.

We’re big fans of SEMCO’s best-in-class desiccant-based total and sensible energy recovery wheels, which for decades have led the industry in terms of technology. Other major product lines include packaged ventilation and humidity control equipment, and integrated desiccant-based dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) that, when coupled with chilled beam technology, provide quiet and efficient air distribution.

Product Snapshot

  • Energy recovery products, based on patented EXCLU-SIEVE® technology that provides continuous ventilation while controlling humidity (ASHRAE 62-compliant)
  • Chilled beams, active cooling with overhead ventilation
  • Dual-wheel energy recovery air handling units
  • Traditional energy recovery packaged units

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