Paragon- Uncompromising Quality and Accuracy

Paragon Efficient cooling and heating is as much about saving on energy cost as it is about load capacity. It’s expensive to bring too much or too little outside air into a building. Greater accuracy in controlling primary airflow by using pressure-sensing elements and instrumentation can save the owner a lot of money over time.

Paragon Controls designs and manufactures airflow and pressure-sensing element, transducers, room/space pressure-monitoring systems and control systems for hundreds of users in the biotechnology, commercial ventilation, lab research, hospital, pharmaceutical, waste water treatment, and various other light and heavy industries.

We invite you to explore how Paragon’s competitive pricing, ease of installation, and simplified maintenance requirements, when combined with Trumbull Campbell Associates’ consulting and local expertise, will meet your specified performance objectives.

Product Snapshot

  • Economically priced airflow-sensing elements
  • Field-proven, highly durable pressure-sensing elements
  • Flow transducers with simple, fast, and low-cost installation in new or existing systems
  • Differential transducers, capable of sensing ultra-low differential pressures
  • Indicating meters, providing continuous, direct and independent readings
  • Calibration tools, producing a pneumatic output pressure signal for calibrating differential transducers

TCA Distribution is your source for replacement parts for Paragon products. Expedited delivery is available. Email us or call 978.225.2045, option 1 for details.

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