Motivair - Innovation in Free Cooling Technology

Motivair products maximize free cooling technology, which may result in creating substantial energy savings over time. With the integrated fluid cooler attached to the same frame as the DX condenser coil, Motivair provides a compact, cost-effective packaged “free-cooling” chiller, complete with controls. Any time the ambient temperature is below the return-water temperature, Motivair begins to cycle off compressors — saving energy and operating costs. The most common applications for this technology are data centers, MRI facilities, and industrial sites.

Through a product line that includes high-density rack cooling systems, air- and water-cooled chillers, pump stations and compressed-air treatment systems, partnering with Motivair gives Trumbull Campbell Associates the ability to provide support and service to the technology, research, and industrial firms that are driving the new economy.

Product Snapshot

  • Chilled doors for data center cooling
  • Integrated free cooling chillers (60-350 tons) with consistent winter-time load
  • Chiller pump packages/standalone pump packages
  • Air-cooled and water-cooled heat recovery chillers (60-500 tons)
  • Medical equipment cooling chillers (up to 50 tons)

TCA Distribution is your source for replacement parts for Motivair products. Expedited delivery is available. Email us or call 978.225.2045, option 1 for details.

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