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Bey-Air has more than 50 years of experience in controlling moisture in buildings that are used to manufacture, package and store pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs or beverages; to treat waste water; to store valuable books and archives; to accommodate hospital operating rooms and surgical suites; and more.

If preventing or addressing corrosion and condensation are critical to your next new or retrofit project, Trumbull Campbell Associates now offers Bry-Air’s full line of dehumidifiers.

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In non-outdoor-air applications, Bry-Air’s EcoDry™ dehumidifier, with its patent-pending BrySmart™ microprocessor-based system, uses dynamic control of dehumidifier operation parameters to improve part-load energy efficiency. Get Fact Sheet

Product Snapshot

  • Applications prevent and/or address unique moisture problems related to condensation, corrosion, rust, moisture regain, mold, mildew, fungus and product drying
  • MiniPAC™ compact desiccant dehumidifiers for a side variety of applications in smaller facilities (up to 8,000 sq. ft.), 100 to 1,200 cfm
  • EcoDry desiccant dehumidifiers (300 to 50,000 cfm) combine patent-pending BrySmart Control System with electric, indirect or direct-fired gas, steam and hot-water reactivation options to dynamically improve part-load energy efficiency
  • VBF® industrial dehumidifiers for custom-built reliable temperature and humidity control with dew points as low as -80°

TCA Distribution is your source for replacement parts for Bry-Air products. Expedited delivery is available. Email us or call 978.225.2045, option 1 for details.

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