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Innovative Manufacturing

AAON is a world leader in creating comfortable, healthy and efficient indoor environments through the development and manufacturing of premium HVAC equipment. Trumbull Campbell Associates chose to represent AAON because they most exemplify our leading-edge approach to precise temperature and humidity controls and ecological concerns. Together, Trumbull Campbell Associates and AAON provide a wide range of products for an even wider range of applications including air handling units, rooftops, self contained units, chillers and packaged pumping systems. With a focus on efficiency and innovation, AAON’s product line incorporates the latest technologies to provide cutting-edge solutions for building owners, engineers, contractors and architects. All AAON products are manufactured in the United States.

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Wheel-based packaged DX/gas AAON energy recovery units with variable-frequency drives and modulating gas heat perform with over 40% increase in efficiency over larger rooftop systems. Read Case Study

Product Snapshot

  • Energy recovery
  • Evaporative condensing chillers and rooftops
  • Modulating hot gas reheat for dehumidification
  • Digital scroll compressor technology
  • Residential split systems Heating and cooling coils
  • Turbocor magnetic-bearing compressors on evaporative condensing chillers and RL units
  • RQ rooftop units (2 – 6 tons)
  • RL large-tonnage packaged units (40 – 230 tons)
  • Central station air handling units 1,000 – 50,000 cfm
  • Air cooled condensing units (2 – 230 tons)
  • SA self-contained units (23 – 70 tons)
  • BL boiler pumping packages
  • LL chiller pump packages (35 – 365 tons)
  • Standard chillers (7 – 365 tons)

TCA Distribution is your source for replacement parts for AAON products. Expedited delivery is available. Email us or call 978.225.2045, option 1 for details.

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